At Live Off Grid, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to live a sustainable life, down from the hustle and bustle of ultramodernday living. It can be a daunting study making the transition to off grid living when, for numerous of us, mainstream living has been proposed as the only option in our lives. What do I need? How do I start? Where can I live?Live Off Grid are then to answer all of your questions. We unite directly with you to make a bespoke off grid domestic option provisioned to your specific requirements. But for now, we will give some answers to the most constantly asked questions about off grid living.

Where Can I Live?
Let’s launch with chancing the perfect position for your off grid living. We know that it can be tricky, which is why we will help you understand original laws and find the right spot for your new home.

Living off the grid is possible anywhere with authorization. still, it’s important to keep in mind that certain original authorities may have regulations in place for areas of natural beauty. We originally recommend speaking to the land proprietor before making plans to set up your off grid home anywhere.

And if you truly want to escape the hustle and bustle of megacity life and immerse yourself in nature, you might want to consider buying a plot of land to protest start your tone– sufficient life. Although chancing nicely priced land in the UK can be grueling , it isn’t insolvable. use connections, explore the country and keep your observance to the ground for your new possible patch of bliss.

How Do I Get Energy?
We’ll help you figure out the stylish way to induce electricity, depending on your energy requirements and the renewable options available in your area. You can have solar panels installed onto your converted shipping vessel to produce your own electricity independent of mileage companies and unanticipated bills. And if you produce further power than you need, you can vend the excess back to the National Grid for profit. Win- win.

Water is also an essential part of off grid living, and there are numerous ways to pierce it. We can help you choose the stylish option for you, whether it’s utilising a well, installing a rainwater collection system, or hauling water. Everyone’s off grid experience will vary depending on budget, conditions and what they’re seeking from making the move. We’re then to grease your off grid vision and turn it into a reality.

What About Food?
Off grid living doesn’t mean being detached from all of reality, so of course you can affect regular shops and supermarkets as much as demanded. But to completely lean into the off grid life and aid independence and good, we do explosively recommend making use of the unique occasion to grow your own food. Creating and cultivating raised beds, vegetable patches, glasshouses and small beast effects can be as awarding an bid as it’s practical.

Growing, minding for and consuming our own food is the most primitive of mortal endeavours. This sustainable pastime naturally increases good while making sure you’re tone– sufficient in your off grid lodging and not reliant on what’s sitting on a supermarket shelf.

further Questions?
It’s natural to have an cornucopia of questions when questioning whether to make the move to off grid or not. That’s what we’re then for. Our expert platoon is on hand to answer any questions you may have about getting started and give some guidance on stylish practices.

Reset, reconnect and return to nature. Live Off Grid.

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