Managing with the pressures of ultramodern life can feel stifling. A vast maturity of the UK finds itself constantly girdled by the hustle and bustle of crowded thoroughfares in sprawling concrete metropolises.

Over three diggings of the population of the UK live in civic areas. metropolises offer seductive openings for career advancements and instigative escapism. But they’ve advanced situations of air and noise pollution, more crowding, and increased stress situations. This can have a negative impact on both the physical and internal wellbeing of people living in these further civic areas.

Live Off Grid offers a way out, a means of escape from the constant noise and pressures of megacity life. A chance to unleash your full eventuality, to dissociate from the mundane, and discover happiness.
effects for us to Consider

Off Grid living is a growing trend. All the distractions of the ultramodern world; the backlight on your computer, the constant reverberating noise from your mobile, they make so numerous of us want to escape, to return to nature and experience the beauty it can bring.

So what can we do to help grease this?
Environmentally Friendly

Nothing is more pressing moment than our need to cut down on the effect we ’re all having on the earth around us. We ’re fighting a battle to leave the world in a better way than we set up it for unborn generations. We can do better.

Fortunately, there are numerous groups and individualities out there who are committed to doing their bit.

The ongoing green revolution is inbuilt into the core of Live Off Grid. Sustainability is considered in the process from the ground up, from conception through to construction.

Our converted shipping holders arepre-used and given an all new parcel of life through upcycling.

Upcycling is the process of taking commodity old, and without use, and transubstantiating it into commodity new, more beautiful, or of further use.

The innards of our shipping holders are made using sustainable accoutrements throughout. We also offer a selection of environmentally friendly energy sources

Solar panels
Wind Power
Hydro- Electrics

A Boost to Mental Health

The ultramodern world is full of bright lights, loud noises and bad news. Constant access to social media has numerous of us hooked to it. All day every day people are checking their rearmost posts to see how numerous likes and commentary they have. Chasing that kind of confirmation has a largely negative effect on internal health.

The need for everybody in society to be ‘ on ’ at all times makes ‘ switching off ’ nearly insolvable.

Our repaired shipping holders act as a means for you to dissociate. The stresses of the ultramodern world could n’t feel further down than when you ’re in your own space, amongst nature.

Spending further time girdled by green spaces in nature can monstrously profit your internal health. The right terrain will help to

Reduce stress
Make you feel more relaxed
Boost your mood and physical health

However you want to get down from the ultramodern world’s stresses, a life Off Grid will help. The internet, business, phones telephoning and lights flashing; no matter how you want to escape from it all, our converted shipping holders are the answer.
Find the Perfect Space

The key of the Live Off Grid life is nature. Chancing the perfect space to remove yourself from the rat race and return to the beauty of the world around us.

Do you want your perfect space to be a gravestone’s gamble from the megacity? Sure! Do you want to completely escape from civilization? No worries! Do you need access to public transport? Fine! No matter what your perfect space looks like, it’s right as long as it works for you.

A life off grid is about removing the limits placed on life. But you do n’t need to drop off the chart fully to Live OffGrid.However, you can, If you want to keep access to the ultramodern world at arms length.

A Live Off Grid converted shipping vessel home does n’t bear the same situations of planning authorization as a more traditional slipup and mortar home, making it much easier to find your ideal space.

As long as you’re fairly allowed to use the land you enthrall , any space can be perfect. Perfect to return to nature, perfect to find yourself, to get down from it all, to dissociate and discover.
How to support Shipping Container Homes

While the shipping vessel home may be taking off in the UK, the realities of creating them needs to remain a touch more predicated.

Shipping holders are created using wastes of corrugated sword and made to repel extreme rainfall and stormy swell.

They can hold knockouts of thousands of kilograms, and are erected to be piled high on top of each other to save space on long passages. This means they need to be sturdy.

This in- erected, core structural strength can be significantly weakened when you start removing sections of the surface to fit in windows and doors. As a result, our expert design platoon needs to know exactly where to support the walls using sword shafts, or welding sections to give the support your shipping vessel home requirements.

The design of a shipping vessel may look simple on the face, but it’s actually strictly planned from the ground up to maximise the space, stability of the frame, and safety. Cutting too much down from the frame can fully throw the balance of the vessel off, so all work must be done by a professional.
Modern Shipping Container Homes

For numerous, the study of living off grid brings forward images of cluttered trailer vans, cold nights huddled up in canopies, put away into a hearty mess of lukewarm haze cooked over a abating fire.

At Live Off Grid we ’re passionate about disconfirming this misconception. We want to produce spaces that people want to live in, to work in, to exercise in, because they ’re stunning, and they ’re fit for purpose, not just because they ’re a bit different.

Take a look at some of the designs we’ve presently, and a many of our once systems.
How to Convert a Shipping Container into a Home

The physical act of converting a shipping vessel into a home requires a great deal of hard work from our design and make brigades. From working out any structural limitations and prostrating them, to putting supports in all the right spaces to keep your shipping vessel home standing, and to keep you safe.

still, what makes a shipping vessel a home is exactly the same as what makes a house a home; the people.

We produce beautiful spaces so you can get back to nature, to allow you to rediscover yourself.

But we ca n’t truly make it a home. Only you can do that.

Your space is your own. Invite family in, bring faves to witness the natural world with you, make a homecooked mess and partake it with those you love.

All of these effects are what truly make a shipping vessel into a home.

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